Dental Clinic Specializing in Treatment of Children

A strong foundation in dental care is important for the well-being of your overall health. At SV Professional Center, our dental physician ensures that your trip to the dentist is an enjoyable one rather than uncomfortable or terrifying. This helps create a positive association with the dental clinic that is likely to last through the rest of your life.Our commitment is to providing the best dental care with kindness and consideration for our patients and their well being. Your comfort is our priority and good dental health is our goal. Dr. Kay (Kanak L. Narain, D.D.S.) is one of the most gentle and caring dentists available. Her years of experience ensure that your care will be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay in Infants

While sweet things may be a fun treat for your infant on occasion, repeated or long-term use of sugary drinks can lead to baby bottle tooth decay and long-term dental damage. Our dental clinic recommends a few pieces of advice to ensure your infant’s oral health:

  • Never Share Feeding Spoons or Pacifiers
  • After Feeding, Wipe Child’s Gums with a Damp Gauze Pad or Washcloth
  • Place Only Formula, Milk, or Breastmilk in Bottles, Never Sugary Drinks
  • Infants Should Not Go to Bed with a Bottle in Their Mouths
  • Do Not Dip Pacifiers in Honey, Sugar, or Other Sweet Things

Encourage Healthy Oral Development in Children

Encouraging healthy dental habits early in life is the best way to ensure good habits and healthy teeth later in life. As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, begin brushing their teeth gently with a child-sized toothbrush and a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. From ages three until six, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Our dental office recommends supervising your child during tooth brushing until you can be sure that they will spit out their toothpaste rather than swallow it. All children should switch from a bottle to a cup by their first birthday and be encouraged to eat healthy foods and drinks.

Dental Physician Providing Personalized Care

Our dental physician takes pride in providing personalized, compassionate care for patients of any age. Whether you are bringing your infant to our dental clinic after their first tooth appears or your elementary-aged child for a routine check-up, all our staff makes sure to provide a comforting and nurturing environment. Instilling a positive association with the dentist at a young age is the best way to ensure your child will maintain healthy dental habits throughout their life and into adulthood and old age. Our clinic makes sure your child looks forward to the dentist rather than viewing it as a harrowing experience.


Complete Dental Care

  • Family Dentistry
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Bonding
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Extractions
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery
  • Full & Partial Dentures
  • Denture Repair
  • Nitrous Oxide (Sweet Air)


Basic Tooth Care

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Preferably, brush after each meal and especially before going to bed. Once brushed at night, avoid anything other than water until morning.
  • Clean between your teeth daily with dental floss or interdental cleaners.
  • Eat nutritious and balanced meals and limit snacks. If sticky foods are eaten, brush your teeth soon afterwards.
  • As your dentist about dental sealants (a plastic protective coating) applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (molars) to protect them from decay.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exam.
  • Remember that dental care is proving to be crucial to our overall health.